App Uninstaller

6.3 for Mac

An excellent program to manage the apps on your Mac


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App Uninstaller is a really useful program that helps you clean your Mac from unwanted files as well as apps that you want to get rid of in an easier, quicker and more efficient way. If you’re looking for a tool that can help you perform this task then you’ve found a really great alternative.

App Uninstaller gives you the possibility of uninstalling any app from your Mac. Through the platform, you can access a complete listing of apps that can be arranged by size, name, date, etc. This way, finding a specific program will be a really easy task.

However, eliminating the apps is not enough because they include a series of associated elements that also unnecessarily take up space on your computer, for example, the program installers. Luckily, App Uninstaller also offers the possibility of eliminating the ones you don’t want any more.

Think that’s it? It’s not, because once the cleaning of the first two stages has been performed, there’s still a third and deeper stage that’s made up of traces left behind by certain apps. Again, you can get rid of them by using App Uninstaller.